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If you are someone who enjoys traveling but can’t bear to live without your Netflix, there’s good news. With technology constantly changing and advancing there are ways to securely stream your Netflix while abroad. You can have the best of both worlds. Spend your days traveling and site seeing all over the world but also kick back and wind down after a long day and enjoy your favorite movie or show on your Netflix account.

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The only downside to watching Netflix abroad is that Networks have restrictions in certain regions because of licensing issues. This means, depending on where you are, certain shows may not be available. However, one huge benefit to watching Netflix abroad is that shows and movies are sometimes released faster in other countries so you may have the opportunity to actually watch something you have been dying to see that hasn’t yet been released in your home country. To stream your Netflix account abroad you must use a VPN. VPN stands for a virtual private network. There are several out there to choose and you also have the option to create your own VPN as well.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is basically a network that reroutes your internet services back to the U.S., or wherever your home country is, from whatever country you are visiting and then to the Netflix server. For lack of a better explanation, it tricks Netflix into thinking you are streaming from home. Netflix has banned a lot of VPNs but there are still some available that you can access your Netflix through.

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Is a VPN secure?

A reputable VPN will be secure to use. Many large companies use VPNs for employees that travel or work remotely out of the country. With a VPN you can have your IP address hidden. It provides an encrypted tunnel to transmit your data securely between you and the host server. The key is finding a VPN you trust.

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How do you create your own VPN?

It’s not that hard to create your own VPN. It’s basically just connecting you from one computer to another in the U.S. and then using that second computer to route your traffic. So you would need a computer kept on and connected to the internet back home while you are traveling. Windows has to capability to function as a VPN server. Creating your own VPN is possible however it’s not the most secure option unless you are able to encrypt your data. However, it’s still more secure than just setting up a hotspot and going that route.

Projector screens designed for outdoor use are also a fun way to have an outdoor movie night on a beautiful Summer night while you are traveling. Small projectors can be easily be transported and most can be connected to a streaming device so that you can watch your favorite movies on Netflix. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or working remotely there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the benefits of streaming your Netflix account abroad.