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You probably know that the Great Wall of China is very difficult to penetrate. And, we are not talking about the physical wall, we are talking about the digital wall. Online Privacy 101: when traveling in China, you need to take special precautions to protect your online data.

Chinese Digital Wall

Blocked Sites Latest Stats ChinaIf you’ve ever compared which websites are available when you are outside of China, compared to which websites are available when you are inside of China, you might notice a vast difference. As of September 2018, some 10,000 domain names were banned in China. These include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and Wikileaks. Of course, if you love knowledge, you might wonder what you are missing.

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Isn’t the whole purpose of the Internet – to share and collaborate to increase knowledge on Planet Earth? You might want to learn about topics that are discussed on banned websites. You might have made friends with people on Social Media websites that were banned by China.

What can you do?

There are many reasons for a virtual private network (VPN) – one goal is to be free of unnecessary censorship. You are a grown adult. There might be some very valuable content found on certain websites that you need.

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Perhaps, you met the woman of your dreams on Facebook. But, if you are in China, you can’t communicate with her. Is this fair?

You might want to access valuable content for the sake of entertainment, business or science. The very foundation of science is the free exchange of knowledge. With a VPN, you can share knowledge.

Avoid Politics

If you are a multinational corporation, you can use a VPN to share content across national boundaries. You might need to be careful in China. Some VPNs might be monitored by the Chinese government.

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Some VPNs might be run by the Chinese government. Instead of trying to help you, they might be collecting your online information. One day, they might charge you with trying to do something that is illegal.

Knowledge is Power

It can be difficult to face these facts about government collusion with VPN providers. More and more, we are seeing censorship in nation after nation. Although, China is the poster child, this is also occurring in the United States.

The United States is using Google, Facebook, YouTube and other Internet brands to promote their political agendas. Usually, you can’t find much good information in the United States about American government crimes.

Know what you are getting into before selecting a VPN provider. Compare their services and find reliable reviews to determine if they are legitimate. Find a VPN provider that shares your same vision for privacy, security and freedom.