In the 21st century, people have become accustomed to having internet access no matter their location. This is even true for people traveling around the world. A vast majority of tourists search for accommodation with free WiFi access. When this option isn’t available, coffee shops and libraries are the preferred alternatives for finding free internet access. While these solutions are highly convenient, it is important to remember that these open networks aren’t protecting passwords and other personal information.

What happens when travelers use open WiFi?

why do you need a vpn when you are travleing

Open WiFi, also known as unencrypted WLAN, doesn’t have any safeguards to protect a user’s personal information from being hacked. When accessing an open connection in a hotel or coffee shop, the user is instantly provided access to the World Wide Web. While this connection can afford many perks, there is a lack of protection. Inputting data into a computer or phone connected to open WiFi is akin to sending a letter through the public mailing system. Although most people wouldn’t bother the message, there are some hackers who would take advantage of the lack of protection.

How can travelers protect their data?

Travelers don’t have to fret as there are many ways to protect against hackers while abroad. The most effective way of warding off prying eyes is by avoiding the input of personal information into open networks. It is fine to use unencrypted sites for general browsing of articles and videos. However, travelers should only enter confidential data onto sites that are encrypted. There is a small distinction in the address of a site that can help travelers determine the level of protection. Webpages that begin with an “https://” code are encrypted and are safe for inputting personal info.

Using a VPN is the best solution.

business-travel-challenges-datasetWhile navigating through unencrypted and encrypted websites can be done without additional protection, this task can become tiresome and potentially risky. When using open networks in hotels or coffee shops, VPNs are excellent methods for gaining extra protection. A VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, connects an individual’s computer with a server in another location. All of the information that is sent through a VPN will be encrypted to ensure maximum protection even when using open networks.

Virtual Private Networks are available through a number of different providers. One internet search will yield thousands of different companies offering their services to travelers and other people in need of these encrypted connections. When choosing a provider, it is advisable to select a company that offers many different VPN locations. These different locations will be divided by country.(P2p-conference recommends vpn singapore for you ) Users will experience better internet speeds when connected to a VPN located within the country in which they are traveling in at the time. In other words, travelers in the UK will have better download speeds when connected to a VPN in the UK.

Some providers will offer a function that allows users to connect to the fastest VPN available. Instead of having to test different VPN locations for the best internet speeds, this function will perform the task automatically. This makes it easier for travelers to enjoy a coffee at Starbucks with the knowledge that their internet access is protected and reliable.

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