How a VPN Can Protect Your Privacy When Traveling


In the 21st century, people have become accustomed to having internet access no matter their location. This is even true for people traveling around the world. A vast majority of tourists search for accommodation with free WiFi access. When this option isn’t available, coffee shops and libraries are the preferred alternatives for finding free internet access. While these solutions are highly convenient, it is important to remember that these open networks aren’t protecting passwords and other personal information.

What happens when travelers use open WiFi?

why do you need a vpn when you are travleing

Open WiFi, also known as unencrypted WLAN, doesn’t have any safeguards to protect a user’s personal information from being hacked. When accessing an open connection in a hotel or coffee shop, the user is instantly provided access to the World Wide Web. While this connection can afford many perks, there is a lack of protection. Inputting data into a computer or phone connected to open WiFi is akin to sending a letter through the public mailing system. Although most people wouldn’t bother the message, there are some hackers who would take advantage of the lack of protection.

How can travelers protect their data?

Travelers don’t have to fret as there are many ways to protect against hackers while abroad. The most effective way of warding off prying eyes is by avoiding the input of personal information into open networks. It is fine to use unencrypted sites for general browsing of articles and videos. However, travelers should only enter confidential data onto sites that are encrypted. There is a small distinction in the address of a site that can help travelers determine the level of protection. Webpages that begin with an “https://” code are encrypted and are safe for inputting personal info.

Using a VPN is the best solution.

business-travel-challenges-datasetWhile navigating through unencrypted and encrypted websites can be done without additional protection, this task can become tiresome and potentially risky. When using open networks in hotels or coffee shops, VPNs are excellent methods for gaining extra protection. A VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, connects an individual’s computer with a server in another location. All of the information that is sent through a VPN will be encrypted to ensure maximum protection even when using open networks.

Virtual Private Networks are available through a number of different providers. One internet search will yield thousands of different companies offering their services to travelers and other people in need of these encrypted connections. When choosing a provider, it is advisable to select a company that offers many different VPN locations. These different locations will be divided by country.(P2p-conference recommends vpn singapore for you ) Users will experience better internet speeds when connected to a VPN located within the country in which they are traveling in at the time. In other words, travelers in the UK will have better download speeds when connected to a VPN in the UK.

Some providers will offer a function that allows users to connect to the fastest VPN available. Instead of having to test different VPN locations for the best internet speeds, this function will perform the task automatically. This makes it easier for travelers to enjoy a coffee at Starbucks with the knowledge that their internet access is protected and reliable.

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Online Privacy 101 When Traveling in China

china censorship feature image

You probably know that the Great Wall of China is very difficult to penetrate. And, we are not talking about the physical wall, we are talking about the digital wall. Online Privacy 101: when traveling in China, you need to take special precautions to protect your online data.

Chinese Digital Wall

Blocked Sites Latest Stats ChinaIf you’ve ever compared which websites are available when you are outside of China, compared to which websites are available when you are inside of China, you might notice a vast difference. As of September 2018, some 10,000 domain names were banned in China. These include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and Wikileaks. Of course, if you love knowledge, you might wonder what you are missing.

wikipedia banned in china

Isn’t the whole purpose of the Internet – to share and collaborate to increase knowledge on Planet Earth? You might want to learn about topics that are discussed on banned websites. You might have made friends with people on Social Media websites that were banned by China.

What can you do?

There are many reasons for a virtual private network (VPN) – one goal is to be free of unnecessary censorship. You are a grown adult. There might be some very valuable content found on certain websites that you need.

how vpn works simple diagram

Perhaps, you met the woman of your dreams on Facebook. But, if you are in China, you can’t communicate with her. Is this fair?

You might want to access valuable content for the sake of entertainment, business or science. The very foundation of science is the free exchange of knowledge. With a VPN, you can share knowledge.

Avoid Politics

If you are a multinational corporation, you can use a VPN to share content across national boundaries. You might need to be careful in China. Some VPNs might be monitored by the Chinese government.

china vpn usage stat

Some VPNs might be run by the Chinese government. Instead of trying to help you, they might be collecting your online information. One day, they might charge you with trying to do something that is illegal.

Knowledge is Power

It can be difficult to face these facts about government collusion with VPN providers. More and more, we are seeing censorship in nation after nation. Although, China is the poster child, this is also occurring in the United States.

The United States is using Google, Facebook, YouTube and other Internet brands to promote their political agendas. Usually, you can’t find much good information in the United States about American government crimes.

Know what you are getting into before selecting a VPN provider. Compare their services and find reliable reviews to determine if they are legitimate. Find a VPN provider that shares your same vision for privacy, security and freedom.

Streaming Netflix Movies From Outside the Country

Netflix everywhere

If you are someone who enjoys traveling but can’t bear to live without your Netflix, there’s good news. With technology constantly changing and advancing there are ways to securely stream your Netflix while abroad. You can have the best of both worlds. Spend your days traveling and site seeing all over the world but also kick back and wind down after a long day and enjoy your favorite movie or show on your Netflix account.

netflix subscriber forecast byregion

The only downside to watching Netflix abroad is that Networks have restrictions in certain regions because of licensing issues. This means, depending on where you are, certain shows may not be available. However, one huge benefit to watching Netflix abroad is that shows and movies are sometimes released faster in other countries so you may have the opportunity to actually watch something you have been dying to see that hasn’t yet been released in your home country. To stream your Netflix account abroad you must use a VPN. VPN stands for a virtual private network. There are several out there to choose and you also have the option to create your own VPN as well.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is basically a network that reroutes your internet services back to the U.S., or wherever your home country is, from whatever country you are visiting and then to the Netflix server. For lack of a better explanation, it tricks Netflix into thinking you are streaming from home. Netflix has banned a lot of VPNs but there are still some available that you can access your Netflix through.

Verizon Netflix Streaming VPN

Is a VPN secure?

A reputable VPN will be secure to use. Many large companies use VPNs for employees that travel or work remotely out of the country. With a VPN you can have your IP address hidden. It provides an encrypted tunnel to transmit your data securely between you and the host server. The key is finding a VPN you trust.

use netflix with vpn

How do you create your own VPN?

It’s not that hard to create your own VPN. It’s basically just connecting you from one computer to another in the U.S. and then using that second computer to route your traffic. So you would need a computer kept on and connected to the internet back home while you are traveling. Windows has to capability to function as a VPN server. Creating your own VPN is possible however it’s not the most secure option unless you are able to encrypt your data. However, it’s still more secure than just setting up a hotspot and going that route.

Projector screens designed for outdoor use are also a fun way to have an outdoor movie night on a beautiful Summer night while you are traveling. Small projectors can be easily be transported and most can be connected to a streaming device so that you can watch your favorite movies on Netflix. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or working remotely there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the benefits of streaming your Netflix account abroad.

If You Want A VPN to Protect Your Privacy, Start Here

A VPN Service May Be Your Best Option

The House of Representatives finally voted on that regulation that would determine if and how internet service providers can sell your web browsing data. Unfortunately, they voted to repeal the regulation, meaning your ISP does have the ability to sell your browsing data without your permission and also without telling you that they plan to do so. While this is a devastating setback in terms of privacy and personal rights, there are some ways to protect yourself.

A VPN Service May Be Your Best Option

Primarily, employing a VPN service is one of the best things you can do to help protect your privacy. A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to encrypt the data you send and receive, while disguising your actual physical location. This helps you avoid the issue of your browsing data being sold, because your ISP will never see what you’re doing. They will only observe you connecting to your VPN and won’t be able to access your data beyond that point.

While anonymous browsers, such as TOR, are also on the rise, using those applications can become complicated. Communication is made more difficult out of necessity, making it a far more complex system than the privacy provided via a VPN. For the purposes of limiting the information to which your ISP has access, the virtual private network is probably your best bet.

There Are Risks with Using a VPN Service

However, even VPNs don’t come without risk. If you end up subscribing to a VPN through a less ethical company, they may be the ones selling your browsing data. To identify a good, reputable company, check into their policy on maintaining logs. In most cases, the company will place this policy boldly on their website. The reasoning for this is to notify government agencies that they don’t retain records of the activity of their clients. This way, having their records subpoenaed will bear little or no fruit.

Additionally, take the time to read the company’s Terms and Conditions. This will also spell out what information is retained or collected from customers, as well as explaining the conditions under which it would disclose your information.

Even so, some VPN providers are deceptive in what they say in their Terms of Service and may end up selling your browsing data anyway. Typically, you get what you pay for. Free VPN services are less reputable and more likely to sell your browsing data, because they have to make money in some way. Paying for a premium VPN service may be your best bet.

In searching for the service that’s right for you, keep your ear to the ground and gather as much information as you can. Sites like can help you select the best VPN service for your needs. However, you should be aware that your connections will almost always be slower with a VPN, because of the tunneling and encryption process. Additionally, some sites, such as Netflix, have cracked down on the use of VPNs and will no longer operate with an active VPN connection. This may be a small inconvenience in comparison to the importance of securing your more important browsing data. Whether you just want to keep your browsing activities from being used to help big corporations profit or you’re more concerned about your own personal privacy and security, using a VPN can help you protect your data.

What is Internet Security?



Web security depends on particular assets and principles for ensuring information that gets sent through the Internet. This incorporates different sorts of encryption, for example, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Different parts of a protected Web setup incorporates firewalls, which piece undesirable activity, and against malware, hostile to spyware and against infection programs that work from particular systems or gadgets to screen Internet movement for perilous connections.

Web security is for the most part turning into a best need for the two organizations and governments. Great Internet security ensures monetary points of interest and considerably more of what is dealt with by a business or office’s servers and system equipment. Inadequate Internet security can debilitate to crumple a web based business or whatever other activity where information gets steered over the Web.

If you’re going to use one of the top exchange sites then you need to do your research.

In the U.S., cryptocurrency is regarded as property (it’s a capitalized asset such as stocks and other investment properties) for taxation purposes. A cryptographic money is a computerized or virtual cash intended to fill in as a medium of trade. It isn’t dealt with as cash same as the U.S. dollar. In other words, it’s like a land or gold and in this manner it is liable to the short and long-term capital gains taxation if it used for investment.

In recent years there have been numerous sellers which have been available to accepting digital forms of currency as installments. Bitcoins are right now the most generally satisfactory type of digital currencies. It was released in 2009 but regulators haven’t make a move yet at this time. In 2014, Internal Revenue Service or I.R.S. issued fundamental rules for cryptocurrencies, yet tax specialists say a portion of the guidelines are liable to interpretation. Nowadays, some firms or businesses have been supporting Bitcoins and acknowledge installments or payments by means of this medium.

Internet Security Starts With Safe Hosting

When it comes to staying safe online a lot of people overlook the importance of using a safe browser and also connecting only with safely hosted websites. It’s not uncommon for a lot of sites to become compromised or even totally infected with malware.

Couple of ways to avoid this:

  1. Always make sure the green SSL certification shows up on the URL tab.
  2. Check the hosting solutions – try this plugin
  3. Use a VPN to ensure you’re safe online

Are there any special or specific tax if I received payment in Bitcoin?

If an employer pays wages in a digital currency it is the same as being paid in dollars: Therefore, it’s taxable to the employee, then the employer must report it on a Form W-2, subject to government income tax withholding, as per Wolters Kluwer.

Self employed entities paid in virtual currency should likewise regard that as gross income and pay independent work charges.